A powerful small computer sits inside so no extra PC is required to work like other existing products. It only requires electricity to work and internet connection to sync data on cloud.
ACMan is suitable for schools, hostels, offices, stores, factories wherever attendances need to be taken. Its distributed architecture made it suitable for large organizations having offices at multiple locations as well.
Provides multi-channel (web/mail/SMS) notifications to ensure guaranteed delivery of messages. Inbuilt automated retries to resend failed messages and alerts to intended recipients.
Superior Hardware
5 inch High Definition touch screen. Audio Input, 5 MP camera for high quality images. Fast and durable fingerprint censor. Inbuilt Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth adapters.
Blazing Fast
Powered by 1.2 GHz 64 bit Quad Core Processor. One GB RAM to support fast in-memory transactions. Sends instant SMS, web and email alerts.
Robust and Secured
Multi layer security to insure legitimate access. Supports RFID, QR Code, Finger print verification and manual photo verification to prevent unauthorized access. All communications from ACMan to cloud are encrypted using SSL.
Remote Monitoring
All ACMan terminals are monitored remotely to ensure maximum up time. If a terminal is down for 15+ minutes an automated alert goes to local terminal admins to resolve the issue.
Access Anywhere Anytime
ACMan web portal provides instant access to attendance and student collection data anywhere anytime so you don't need to be present at work location to get attendance reports.
Automatic Updates
All ACMan terminals are powered with automatic update feature which will automatically keep the ACMan terminal up to date with the latest features and enhancements.
Device storage space can be extended from 8GB to 16/32/64 GB on demand. Virtually no transaction limit as all data is kept on the cloud.
Multi instance multi location
Multiple ACMan terminals can be deployed on a single or multiple geographical locations for an organization. ACMan's distributed architecture ensures location and instance independent access for users.
Multi User Views
ACMan portal provides data based on logged in users access level. A principal can see attendance details of all the classes but a class teacher can see attendance details of her class only.