All in One
    OneCard supports almost all type of cards. It can store up to 30 cards.
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Travel cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Gift cards
  • Access Cards
Works Everywhere
OneCard works everywhere like traditional cards. Use it at ATM's, at stores, at restaurants, at multiplexes, at gas stations, everywhere like your credit, debit, loyalty or gift card. It is powered with re-writable magnetic strip, EMV and NFC chips.
Payment Intelligence
    OneCard is powered with artificial intelligence.
  • It learns how you make payments which card you use where and choose cards automatically.
  • It collects location data using GPS and set your preferences of using cards at stores/ATM’s/Restaurants.
  • It analyzes your payment patterns and reminds you about recurring bill payments. You can instruct it to make recurring payments on your behalf.
Pay with Confidence
    OneCard is more secured than existing plastic cards.
  • It is pin protected and displays last 4 digits of the card number when locked.
  • Magnetic strip and EMV chip remain inactive till you select a card for payment which prevents unauthorized activities.
  • OneCard wipes card details if it is disconnected for a predetermined time or more than 3 wrong pins attempted consecutively.
  • It displays card holder’s photo and signature so billing clerk can verify the person making payments.
  • User can select language of his/her choice and OneCard will display details in the chosen language.
  • Multilingual support makes it easy and convenient for everyone.